CTN is an independent, creative communications agency

We work with world leading businesses, brands, organisations and governments. We help shape their stories. We coach their leaders. We stage their events, create content and deploy using digital platforms.

We provide the means to engage the most pertinent and demanding internal and external audiences.

CTN was founded in 1992. We bring together a powerful set of skills and capabilities. We have a team of more than 50 specialists, who are insightful, committed and excited about the work we do.

Our Specialisms

CTN Media Centre

Our offices in St Martin’s Lane are also home to the CTN Media Centre, a state–of-the-art television and digital broadcasting facility with in-house studio, post production and live webcasting capabilities.

The Media Centre is supported by our own experienced technical staff and is available 24/7. Our media training and coaching is undertaken in CTN’s dedicated studio, ensuring complete privacy and confidentiality.

Women in Leadership

Every organisation, large and small, is grappling with gender diversity. There’s a regular drumbeat of new reports about how women are performing in the workplace and how businesses are or aren’t supporting gender diversity. Debates rage on the merits or otherwise of quotas for boardrooms to flexible work practices.

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