175 remarkable stories from 11 countries in 1 archive

It’s been a strange few weeks here in London. Not least because those who would have passively blinked in shock at the prospect of discussing diplomacies with a complete stranger in the street have taken to openly debating on the tube.

I’ll let you decide whether I’m talking about the referendum or the Euro’s but whatever your view I think you’ll agree that this archive published by the Foreign Office to celebrate those awarded with the Victoria Cross during the First World War is both a beautiful tribute but also a poignant reminder of the importance and value of the work the FCO do maintaining international relations.

You can view all of the remarkable stories of all 175 men from 11 different countries who were awarded the Victoria Cross during the First World War in a single archive HERE.

Well done Chris Hogan and Matt Birtles who created this promo video about the archive:

Published on 28 June 2016

Francesca Holt Written by Francesca Holt