How to write a cracking corporate blog

You’ve been asked or you’re thinking of writing a corporate blog. Couple of paragraphs. Simple enough. WRONG.

Blogging in general can be an existential crisis that makes you question what you stand for and what your 'voice' is when addressing a general audience. It’s even harder when you have to blog on behalf of a corporate when your ‘voice’ is so clearly defined it can leave you feeling unsure of what you can and cannot say and how individual you are allowed to be.

10,000 re-reads, 5 drafts, 4 rounds of sign off and amends later you’re feeling understandably defeated.

Here are a few tried and tested methods of making that process far less painful...

If you’re finding it hard to push anything through

It sounds obvious and onerous but writing a social strategy or even just a blogging strategy doc and getting that signed off really helps in giving you a little more creative licence. Agreeing up front what your tone of voice should be, how and when channels are used and establishing a simple and easy publication process can only help you when someone tries to question your content. When it’s down on paper most people see the practicalities of doing this stuff quickly and easily.

If you’re lacking in ideas

You’re going to find it very difficult to come up with an idea that both rides the trends you’re trying to tap into without going over ground that someone else has already covered. So don’t try. Instead develop a style that people find easy and enjoyable to consume and find a fun way of unpacking it. I went to an event recently where one CEO compared the creative industries to 18th Century pirating. Like you do.

If you can’t bring yourself to publish it

Relax. If you deliberated everything you verbalised to the world with the same level of self-scrutiny you’d be mute. It really is just a few fleeting paragraphs and your aim here is to write something thought provoking, not to move your audience to tears or start a viral revolution. You can work up to that.

If you’re trying to push the creative boundaries and finding it difficult

Find examples you like from companies similar to you, or that the decision makers in your organisation would like to emulate and push them under some noses.

If you’re finding it hard to get others in the company contributing

Make it competitive. Set small and easy to tasks that don’t ask too much of people’s time or make them uncomfortable and then celebrate the success of the contributor content when it gets a good response.

If you’re feeling insincere

It’s a tough one because you’re writing on behalf of someone else. But in my book that doesn’t mean you have to write things you don’t believe in. There’s always an alternative angle to take or focus on topics that you do feel passionate about/have an opinion on. The worst corporate blogs just churn out content for the sake of doing it. Be proud of every piece you create and you’ll get a much better response.

Published on 28 September 2016

Francesca Holt Written by Francesca Holt