Corporate communications is being shaped and challenged by the advent of evolving technologies and digital platforms. Staying ahead and continuing to innovate is a prerequisite for business. CTN is helping drive this innovation, through our investment in R&D and our commitment to the use of new channels.

CTN Digital exists to help leaders and business exploit these new channels, advising on strategy, being passionate about innovation, the user experience and proven measurement.

Digital Consultancy

We advise on the use of platforms and digital solutions

Website design and build

We design and build highly engaging and beautiful interactive platforms

Webcasting and live streaming

We’re pioneers in the production of live web broadcasts

Mobile and devices

We adopt a mobile-first approach in all our digital assignments 

Online employee engagement

We create innovative, multi-channel, employee engagement platforms and content

Online investor communications

We’re specialists in delivering digital IR content, connecting investors and analysts

Virtual events

We connect people virtually, across geographies, via our interactive platforms

Interactive videos

We make it possible to turn linear video into truly interactive experiences


We deliver innovative and proven e-learning solutions 

Social media strategy

We help businesses define strategies to harness the connected world

Case Studies