The Women in Leadership Programme at CTN

The context...

Every organisation, large and small, is grappling with gender diversity. There’s a regular drumbeat of new reports about how women are performing in the workplace and how businesses are or aren’t supporting gender diversity. Debates rage on the merits or otherwise of quotas for boardrooms to flexible work practices. 

At the heart of the issue is culture. If an organisation is truly committed to increasing the ratio of female leaders, it requires supportive policies and initiatives and genuine belief that it is the right thing to do for success. Even in the most supportive environments, however, individual women need to have the skills and demonstrate the right behaviours to get to the top. They need to drive their own careers and, if they aspire to becoming a leader, need to show they have the required qualities.


CTN’s Women in Leadership Programme has evolved from the agency’s long-established consultancy practice that works with the senior leadership teams of international brands, governments and some of the UK’s most well-known businesses and organisations. 

CTN recognises that gender diversity is a complex social, business and personal issue.  There are two aspects of CTN’s work in this area:  working with organisations; working with individuals and small groups of women:

  • We help businesses and organisations to communicate the required culture change to reach diversity goals.  We do this through creative execution, specifically films and video, thorough a variety of events and by creating digital/social media projects. For example, our work with Allianz Global Investors.
  • We provide training, coaching and seminars for women as individuals or in groups to improve confidence and develop key leadership skills. The aim is to help women understand behaviours, overcome stereotypes, improve communication and personal impact skills to navigate promotional opportunities and succeed in the workplace.


Regular one-day and two day courses are available at CTN’s Media Centre in St Martin’s Lane in the heart of central London. We coach young women to develop strategies to thrive in the workplace; women at middle management level to improve communications skills and build confidence; with senior leaders on the board or to help prepare for board level applications.

We can create bespoke seminars to meet specific business needs. A recent example is a one-day seminar created for Standard Chartered bank in London to help with their Skill Exchange Programme.

One of the benefits of joining one of CTN’s mixed Women in Leadership seminars is meeting other senior women, all keen to improve self-awareness and understand the behavioural issues that affect success in leadership ambitions.

Seminars typically look at attitudes and behavioural aspects of leadership to develop self-awareness to help build a personal road map to success. The second part of the day takes the participants into CTN’s TV studio where, using the camera as a mirror, participants gain tangible skills that help to build confidence in messaging, personal brand and delivery – all critical in building confidence.

Participants include senior women from BP, GSK, Atkins, PubMatic, Bain Capital, Royal Navy, Pioneer Investments, Standard Chartered, Unilever and Sellar Property Group.

Our coaches and experts helping to deliver seminars and workshops include Michelle Ryan, Professor of Social and Organisational Psychology in the College of Life and Environmental Science at the University of Exeter, Alexandra Turk, presenter and one of CTN’s most experienced leadership coaches, and Anita Hamilton, CTN’s Director of Women in Leadership and Communications Consultant.

“I think this is one of the most beneficial workshops I have done to help me understand the strengths and weaknesses of my leadership style. It has given me invaluable practical tips on both the act of speaking/presenting for impact but also signposting my content and messages.” ATKINS