Partners in Crisis Response

Major national emergencies of recent years, such as the Manchester, Westminster and London Bridge terror attacks, have made it clear that emergency services must act collaboratively and efficiently to save lives. The overall aim of the Joint Emergency Services and Interoperability Programme (JESIP) training film is to improve public safety and increase efficiency across all the emergency services responders. It forms an essential part of the UK training programme and has been shared with other partner agencies and governments overseas.

What do you do in a Terror Attack?

Would you know what to do if you were caught up in a terrorist weapons attack? We produced a series of public awareness campaigns sharing the simple message: Run, Hide, Tell. The films used drama-reconstructions based on the Tunisian terror attack, and an animation about three teenage friends caught up in an imaginary attack at a shopping mall. Produced for Counter Terrorism Policing in collaboration with HM Govt, ABTA and education group PSHE, they were translated into 14 languages, picked up by mainstream and social media and spearheaded travel sector training programmes and schools’ lesson plans.

Next Gen Careers Advice

The WOW Show is an award-winning live online channel creating real-life encounters with the world of work to inspire young people about their careers. Broadcasting to schools across the UK, the show uses an editorial combination of high-quality films, investigative journalism and live Q&A with experts to provide Gen Z with fresh and relevant information about the modern workplace. The content focuses on specific sectors and themes, ranging from construction and transport, to the NHS and wider employability skills.

Leading the Pak

An international company like Tetra Pak needs to ensure its employees are sensitive to local market needs while staying connected to the organisation’s global vision. To help with this, we produce Market Watch, a globetrotting video programme that takes staff on a virtual journey. Each programme visits a different country, giving regional context, and learning about the unique highlights and challenges faced by the Tetra Pak team. Crafted as mini documentaries, the stories are told through interviews with colleagues and customers and shared on Tetra Pak’s intranet.

As part of their global campaign on cyber security, a FTSE 100 company needed a Netflix-style thriller that would educate employees about sophisticated cyber threats.

CTN Group responded with a complex episodic drama, featuring numerous locations, characters and subplots. The final films formed a part of a strategic campaign to reduce cyber risk and to emphasise personal responsibility as a key line of defence. The series is the largest and most complex film production ever commissioned by the organisation.

Dancing into the Future

The Central School of Ballet was moving to a new state-of-the-art facility, that offered exciting opportunities for the school and its students. CTN Group produced a film that supported a communications campaign, helping build brand awareness and attract potential donors in the UK and overseas. The film features on the school’s website and is used on their annual recruitment tour. It is also used at events worldwide to engage potential donors, influencers and supporters.

Engaging Defence and Space

Our relationship with Airbus has been established for over 10 years. During this time, we’ve produced films to attract talent, helped shape leaders’ communications, conceived events to engage future decision makers and created an immersive experience in Farnborough to showcase Zephyr, their unmanned aircraft pioneering the stratosphere.