ESG Policy

Sustainability is integral to the way that Embolden operates both as a business and in every project that we deliver for our clients. Embolden strives to look at the environmental, social and economic impact that our actions will have. We encourage best practice within the team and have set a number of objectives which we aim to implement:


The 3 R’s – reduce, reuse, recycle are implemented both in the office and the projects that we deliver. We receive annual metrics from our recycling firm, have a green team in house ensuring we are not wasting resources and reuse as much as possible.

We see to work with suppliers and venues that have a strong sustainability policy in place. As an example, our cleaners use naturally environmentally friendly products as part of their contract.

We look to reduce carbon footprint by looking at and where possible utilizing pooled vehicles, webcasting events to a wider reach, using more local suppliers. We also incorporate the use of energy saving initiatives within our organisation through low energy bulbs and timed switches for VDUs and printers.

Communications where possible will be done electronically and we seek to develop innovative digital platforms to continuously minimise the use of paper. We use electronic files as much as possible – even getting documents signed via PDF as opposed to paper whenever possible.


Embolden offers a great working environment for people ensuring that there are equal opportunities for everyone and support to develop people within their roles. We are a proud Learning & Development Organisation and have polices in place to ensure that our employees are treated fairly and equally. We invest in our talent to ensure their skills remain up to date and that they are constantly learning. We are also signed up to the Corporate Covenant from the MoD, welcoming service men, women and their family to apply for roles within our organisation.

Embolden seeks to support a charity every year and offers time, professional experts and materials to develop the communications campaign of our chosen charity.

On our projects, we seek to donate items to charity or a community, where items cannot be easily reused on further projects. In the past we have donated old PC’s to an IT training school.


Embolden will always seek to provide the best value for money for clients. Through the use of local suppliers, Embolden seeks to have a positive impact on the local economy. As an example, milk is purchased from our local corner shop rather than a large supermarket chain.

Through our internship and apprenticeship programmes, we seek to help train and develop the next generation whenever possible, giving them some skills, experience and knowledge to go and make a positive impact on the economy. Our recent intern, was offered a full-time position on completion of the internship.

For each project, there would be a number of specific targets set as well as some overarching targets for the office environment.

Our Sustainably Policy is managed by our COO.